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  • Brief of development of pipe clamp
  • 2016/12/5 Read the number:[460]
  • During present industry and lifetime field, pipe clamp become much more popular as of its unique characteristics ,such as corrosion resistant, ageing resistant, environmental protection security and so on. Especially in construction field, the new pipe clamp not only replace of traditional constructing materials, but also have many advantages, e.g. energy saving, material saving, improving residential environment, protection of ecology and enhancing function of construction and its quality, decreasing self weight of construction and so on. It mostly apply in sewage of construction and township and gas line and so on and also become the trend of pipe industry.

    It is known that  the increasing speed of the market of pipe clamp is four times of the average increasing speed of pipe market, surpassing much more than increasing rate of GDP of all countries. Especially in developed countries e.g. EU markets and USA Market, it has smooth development and successful application. Our country is also fast development and multiply increasing for providing constructing materials with up-to-date material.

       Pipe clamp most apply in water supply &sewage engineering, hot water supply ,hot gase supply and so on for cities. Among them , the major application is for water supply engineering, and following is drinkable water pipe field. During many of pipe and pipe fittings, the quantity of pipe usage are absolutely advantage, but recent years of actual application in development of pipes, whatever in water supply pipe or sewage pipe. The polyolefine pipe develop very fast and surpass the development of pipe clamp.

       The trend of development of pipe clamp can not hold back. During the pipe industry ,there is one on one investment which creates more and more development opportunities for our pipe or line industry whatever of increasing quantity and fast speeding.

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