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  • china formally carries out new national standard for pipe clamp
  • 2016/12/5 Read the number:[407]
  • From present information from the branch technical committee for plastic pipe& pipe clamp & pipe under of china national standardization technical committee, there are seven items of new national standards  carrying out about plastic pipe, pipe clamp and pipes.

    The seven new standards as follows: GB/T15819-2006- test method and technical requirement on PE pipe for irrigation as of environmental stress cracking susceptibility; GB/T5836.1-2006-hard PVC-U pipe material for drainage system of construction; GB/T5836.2-2006-hard PVC-U pipe and connectors for drainage system of construction; GB/T10002.1-2006-hard PVC-U pipe material for water supply; GB/T20201-2006-PE pressure pipe and machinery connectors; GB/T20207.1-2006 ABS pressing pipe system-part one: pipe material; GB/T20207.2-2006-ABS Pressure pipe system part one: pipe.

    According to introduction from general secretary of mrl zhao qi hui from branch technical committee about plastic pipe and pipe and pipe clamp, this time publication for new national standards which is formalized as international standards and adjusting some parts of them according to domestic and overseas material technologies and  pipe processing technologies and environmental protection. Among them , the major adjusting international standard of water supplying PVC-U pipe material: adding requirement for K value of resin and prohibiting using lead salt stabilizer and increasing impact energy of drop hammer and partial adopting overseas advanced technical indexes and adjusting hydraulic trial environmental stress and enhancing adoptive trial test for system and size grouping and setting inspection. The international standard for  PVC-U  pipe material and pipe of drainage system whose specification enlarges ranage from its former of 40mm to160mm  to present one of 32mm to 250mm,which is differential with sizes of municipal drainage pipe. Otherwise adding sealing ring connector for connecting pipes and annul categories of best quality and quality guaranteed and increasing requirement of socket size of pipe material and pipe. Therefore there is a new trend development for pipe clamp.

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